In our extensive Tornado range, we have camshaft profiles for many different 1-cylinder, 2-cylinder, 4-cylinder models for re-profiling your camshaft for more Performance to increase the power of Tuning.
-Camshaft reprofiled and surface treatment.
-Specific production according to customer requirements are possible
- Ask, contact us to find the right specification for you and your bike.


Model 2017

In our delivery program we also have for the 2017 model a lot of parts. Camshaft, Piston, Conrod , Crankshaft, Valves, Valve springs, Camchain,Cylinderkits, Gaskets, Bearings and a lot of spare parts from several suppliers like Tornado-Cams, CP Piston, Carrillo, Prox, Vertex, Hot Cams, Hot Rods, Cylinder Works, Kibblewhite, Barnett....


Jawa Special Parts

JAWA Special parts tuning kit 2017 !


New JAWA 500cc Offset Engine, 2017 !



-Carrillo conrod 150,30 mm / 152,00 mm / 163,00 mm / 164,50 mm / 165,00 mm
- pin end bore for 20,00 mm or 20,63 mm pistonpin possible
- silver bearing
- big end pin

CP forged pistonkit for 90,00 mm and 92,00 mm bore size , inclusive Piston rings and DLC coated Titanium Piston pin. Titanium Piston pin is round about 25 gramm lighter than the Standard CP one.
-DLC coating:
-enhanced surface hardeness
-improved surface Quality
-low friction coefficient

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