Yamaha XT/SR500

Yamaha XT und SR 500 cylinder bore and hone - possible with the stud bolts -
Inclusive CP forged pistonkit .
Crankshaft repair / balancing inclusive high quality con rod kit with bronce bushing at the pin end bore , silver bearing and special hardened big end pin.

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Crankshaft Yamaha R1 2018-2020

High class CARRILLO connecting rod kit.
The best alternative so that the crankcase remains intact.

The Carrillo conrods are milled from forged pieces and hardened in a special procedure. High quality screws with extremely consistence, connecting the two-part rods. Light weight as a further advantage for speed increase in the range of racing.

We also offer the crankshaft balancing.


Yamaha XT / SR 500

Yamaha XT/SR500 cylinder with a much more wear-resistant special liner for standard dimensions and also for Big Bore. Including high quality
CP forged piston kit which is available in two different versions.
-High quality CP slipper piston for
-solid construction, slightly increased
 for road

Crankshaft repair including a high-quality connecting rod set which is equipped with a bronze bush in the upper connecting rod eye.

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PVL Ignition with rev. limiter 13500

All 500cc JAWA /GM engines shall incorporate an ignition system with rev limiter. The rev limiter shall restrict the engine maximum rotational speed to 13.500 RPM.
PVL Ignition Analog or Digital with rev.Limiter 13.500 or Digital with 13.000/13.500 to adapt the engine fast to the track conditions. There is a green wire on the coil. If the green wire will have firm contact with engine plate you will have a second curve which is softer and makes automatically 5° less.

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